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Psychic Aris is the most credible psychic in Athens. He provides you with reliable, effective and high quality services and workings. Psychic Aris is a provider of authentic magic services!

Magic workings and magic rituals take place at a reserved space of Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts). There are 2 special magic altars. The one is created for magic workings and incantations/invocations that are related to positive workings and magic spells of love and protection. The other altar is the negative one. For workings of destruction and dissolution. On the altars there are all the magical materials and magic tools. The hand-made magic circles that exist, ensure the ultimate security/safety. They are constructed by specific leather and under the strict orders of magical grimoires.

The basic principle of Psychic Aris is the fact that the person concerned should participate in the magical working. In this way, his whole energy will function positively and reject any negativism or possible “cracks” in the energies that take place! Many times in Athens, Psychic Aris casts the magic spell or carries out the magic ritual with the person concerned! On the altars of Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts).

Μέντιουμ Αρης αξιοπιστο μεντιουμ

Put your trust too in the top Psycic in Greece, Psychic Aris!

Psychic Aris takes over and performs and carries out original spiritualistic services and magic spells of high quality and great effectiveness.

On a daily basis, dozens of people from Greece and abroad trust Psychic Aris with future readings, asking him for a solution to the problems that concern them. Psychic Aris examines each case seperately and makes an accurate timetable. In every working that he takes over there is a continuous information and update. Photos of the magical workings and their process are sent via e-mail.

Our Spiritualistic Services

Extra Info

  • Spiritual workings and magic spells are casted exclusively and only by Psychic Aris and not by supposed partners.
  • There is the possibility of participating in a magic ritual, following a scheduled appointment.
  • Before every spiritual working or magic spell, Psychic Aris suggests to have a Reading of Magical Workings.
  • Your participation via social media, telecommunication applications, Live Streaming or Skype is not possible.
  • Spiritual workings and magic spells are casted on specific moon phases and global hours.
  • Personal data and photographies are gonna needed for the performance of spiritual workings and spiritualistic services. You will send this information exclusively and only via e-mails or post. By sending it, you concede/give the right to use them exclusively and only for the magical and spiritualistic workings’ performance/execution.
  • The photos and details, which are sent, will be destroyed right after the completion of the magical workings without prior announcements/notice.
  • The payment of spiritualistic workings shall take place and be completed prior to the start of the spiritualistic services. The amount is paid once-off/in a single instalment and not in installments. If the amount is paid in installments, only following an agreement, the spiritual working will begin right after the payment of the last installment of the amount.
  • After the disbursement, a legal accounting source document/voucher – services rendered receipt is issued and sent at the principal by post.
  • The principal takes full responsibility for the distribution of photographs and details needed for each magical working and magic spell. Any delay or negligence does not transfer the timing of the magic ritual.
  • In case someone withdraws and does not want to have the agreed magic working done, after he has make the payment, money are returned following a written request at [email protected] and only if he inform us within 15 days before the start of the magic ritual. In this occasion, the amount can be redeemed by purchasing of products and services of equal value.
  • 12. A spiritualistic working or a magic spell cannot be completed or interrupted before its completion. The working will be executed/carried out and completed even the principal withdraw midway through it.