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Psychic Aris / The first steps Aris was born in Piraeus, Greece. His family has origins from Smyrna, which is located in Turkey. By the destruction of the city, the Greeks who had been living there, were transferred in a violent way to Greece. His family and himself grew up and lived at one of the most historical areas of Piraeus, Old Kokkinia. Since he was a child, he had intense visualizations and strong intuition about future events.

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Psychic Aris / Education and Occultism

After the completion of the basic training, he studied at the Panteion University of Athens, at the department of Sociology. The Human being as part of the whole and his functions as a unit, which affect society as a whole, is the quest that led him to this field. At that period, one of the most important leading experts in the field of Occultism, Iliana Santra, came into his life; surely not by accident! She inducted him into the spiritualism and she taught him the big secrets of the magical art. Mainly, though, she taught him the ethics/morals and the respect that we should have towards everyone! In 2006 he graduated from the Unit for Metaphysics Studies with flying colors at the experiments on metaphysics and de-symbolism. Psychic Aris speaks both Greek and English. He is baptised Christian Orthodox. After quest and his study on the Holy Koran, the last 4 years he has embraced Islam.

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Psychic Aris / Today

In 2016 he establishes the Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts) and the site; the most reliable area/trade of metaphysics and futurology in Athens. Psychic Aris provides you with credible clairvoyance services of high quality. Psychic Aris chats daily with dozens of people, who trust his strong insight and his honest word, too. Psychic Aris can give you solutions, advice and guidance in issues related to affairs of the heart/love relationships, family, personal matters and also professional issues that concern you.

He maintains partnerships through which he provides high quality magical materials of exclusive import and distribution. He curates personally by himself the No1 site of metaphysics in Greece, the, with over 8.000 visitors daily.

Psychic Aris. Accurate and detailed forecasts and also clairvoyance services of high quality, high-level and effectiveness.

Psychic Aris / The future

Psychic Aris is always an inquiring mind and is bothered by stagnation! There are many surprises in store for all the lovers of metaphysics and occultism. One of his prompt plans is the completion of Tarot cards Taroto; the most complete deck of cartomancy, which will give answers accurately. Tarot cards Taroto is his personal creation, which – for 8 years now – has passed its exams with flying colors!

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