Our difference lies in

Taroto Spells is the big, international step after the successful Taroto.gr. Our love for magic and the occultism led us to the creation of Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts) in Athens. From the very first months we made the difference. The most complete and reliable area of metaphysics and futurology is a fact! In a country as Greece, where mediums and cartomancers were hiding behind fake images, were changing their phone numbers as to be lost, were blackmailing people in order to distract money and were wasting one’s valuable time taking advantage of their hope… we come with a reversal! We show our faces!

We have a real head office and its doors are always open to everyone. We tell the truth, even if this might dissatisfy someone! We stop the exploitation or taking advantage of the unawareness and the need that people have! In such a chaos, having as our weapon the truth, the quality and the effectiveness, we managed to make Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts) and Taroto.gr first in the preference order of people. Taroto.gr, just in 2 years, has succeeded to have over 8.000 unique visitors in a daily basis! The quality of our services and products is and will remain our major principle.

Μέντιουμ Άρης το καλυτερο μεντιουμ στην αθηνα


Always on time. All our appointments are always on time. No delays, no cancellations.


We don’t play games. Our doors are always open for all our clients. We do not hide. We do not suddenly change our phone numbers or business numbers. We are here for you.


We tell the truth, even if this might dissatisfy someone! We stop the exploitation or taking advantage of the unawareness and the need that people have! I


We are a small team with multiple talents, big experience and love for our job. Our team will sure make you happy.

What does Taroto mean?;

Ta – roto. It’s a genius pun, which says a lot! Ta: Definite article, which states that the followin word is known or when I want to make a general statement. Roto: ask from somebody to give me an information or opinion Tarot: cards with representations that can be used by masters of de-symbolism for future forecasts. What about the symbol of infinity above the last letter; what is that?

The verb ρωτώ (roto, means ask) comes from the ancient verb ἐρωτῶ. So, above the last ω (o) there is a circumflex. (~). Two circumflexes together form the infinity symbol! Well, we talk about a combination of Tarot cards and one’s wish to get some answer’s! «I ask them… and they answer!» (Εγώ τα-ρωτῶ … και αυτά απαντούν! / Ego ta-roto… kai afta apantoun!)

PS: One friend of Taroto told us: “As soon as I saw the brand name Taroto, I thought «These guys are not only knowledgeable, but also have education…” and brought us as a present at her first visit at our store the poetic collection “Ta Ro of love (Τα Ρω του έρωτα) by Odysseas Elytis.

Ταρωτώ Μαντικές Τέχνες

Our people, our power

TarotoSpells.com consists of a group of people who love their job. Everyone’s goal is the provision of quality services and products. And also the excellent accommodation for those who trust us. The psychics of TarotoSpells.com are Aris and his experienced team. On a daily basis they chat with dozens of people providing them with reliable future forecasts and solutions at issues, which concern them. Real, complete spirtualistic services.

The Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts) and TarotoSpells.com also support a whole team, the unkown heroes, as we use to call them! The Taroto Team! With Helen as a leader, who gives the rhythm, we keep our image flawless and also our contact with all of you! There are, of course, and some other partners, who help us to provide the best quality magical materials! Leo for the excellent quality candles, Evans for the unique hand-made incenses, Muhammet and his friends from Turkey, Alia from Lebanon and many others!

Friendships and partnerships, which remain for years and have as a common reference point the common sense and impression of estheticism.

Our clients testimonials

Below are following some real evidence from people who trusted us. They wanted to share with you their impression and their opinio for our services. For the creations of Taroto Team, the TarotoSpells.com and the Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts)!

Our work, our job

In the first 2 years of operation of Taroto Mantikes Technes (Taroto Psychic Arts) our biggest success is the fact that we have been characterised from all the people, even from our colleagues, as the most reliable place of divination in Athens. Now, our competitors have started copying us! This is succees, too! Things, though, are better reflected with numbers! Every day there are over 8.000 individual visitorsat the www.taroto.gr, No1 site of metaphysics and futurology in Greece! We have created the most complete Dictionary Dream/Dream Book that exists, with over 1.800 dreams and it’s constantly being enriched! Now, you can find it even more handy at the www.oneirokritis.taroto.gr .

We have also created the www.blog.taroto.gr. The blog that provides you withinnovative/original astrological forecasts and not copies/imitations!!! Furthermore, in the Blog you will find a complete encyclopedia of astrology and also the Greek Mythology from the beginning of the world, written with simple and comprehensible words! Superb creations free for everyone! Knowledge and information for all! And this is just the beginning! Now, near at hand there is www.TarotoSpells.com. The biggest and most reliable online store of metaphysics, which serves all the world! With magical packages of tasks, quality materials of magic but also future forecasts via e-mail! Very soon you will see the next steps of Taroto Team! Taroto deck of cards will be soon in your hands…

Taroto Psychic Arts